Running Update – Still Recovering Plantar Fasciitis.


Hey everyone. So here’s a little update on where my running is at-at the moment. As most of you know I have been suffering Plantar Fasciitis. I thought it had gone, but I tried to start an INSANITY program last week and it cropped back up again. I then decided to stop any training again. I’m currently doing daily rituals of strength training for my feet and stretching them several times a day.

The pain has started to go away again now and I have set a new date to return to running. My first run back with be Monday 6th April.

I have had to cancel the 40 miler I was signed up to. I’m beginning to think I need to stop signing up to events until I know I’m ready. The problem is I often think I’ll be ready, but you need to book most events way in advance and it’s difficult to know.

The next event I’m signed up to is the Great Midlands Fun Run on 31st May. I’ll be running this event for the Dr Hadwen Trust who are a charity who fund cruelty free research projects.

I’ll update how training is going soon. In the meantime I’ll carry on with my strength training and a little walking. Can’t wait to come back 🙂

Peace and love

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