Brief Update

Hey everybody,

I thought I’d better make a blog post to give you all an update of what’s going on right now. I have not got home broadband set up yet until 15th April 2015 and have found it hard getting on here using my iPhone as a personal hotspot for my PC.

So on 12th April I was meant to be doing a 40 miler at A Coventry Way. This is a hiking/running event with a laxed cut off of 15 hours. Which would mean that even walking it you’d pass if you did around 22 minute miles for the duration of the course.
As you are all aware though I have recently been injured and I haven’t recovered well enough yet to think about attempting this event.

The good news is that my injuries seem to be going again now. The week commencing 16h March I managed 31 weekly miles and the following week I did 24. Although my feet weren’t getting better they weren’t getting worse so I continued to run low miles. This week my feet seem to be getting better, but I’m going to keep with these low miles.

I am registered on the Great Birmingham Fun Run (8.5 miles) at Sutton Coldfield Park May 31st. So I’ll be getting in some training this month and then again in Turkey next month. I’m in Turkey 3 weeks from May 1st so I’ll start tapering when I’m about to come home on 22nd I think 😛

At this moment my main focus is on JW Ultra 12 September 2015. This is a 30 miler on the Canal from Stratford Upon Avon to Bournville so it’s right on my door step 🙂

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