About Me

Hi my names Scott or Scotty, which ever you prefer to call me. I could be here all day explaining on one post who I am. Especially since this blog is about who I am, that makes little sense. To make it simple for you I’m a young lad approaching his 30s. I came from an abusive childhood and was bullied, used drugs and alcohol and smoked. Moved all over the place running away from my problems. I was believed to be bipolar and border line personality disorder. I am working on natural ways of dealing with those in finding balance, joy and happiness in my life (with great success) and changing negatives to positives. I’m married to the most amazing person ever who shows me great support in all I do. I’m an ultra marathoner wanting to run national trails as long as 630 miles long. I no longer drink or use drugs or smoke. I’m vegan for health and for compassion to all life. I am a life coach constantly building on my skill. If you want to know more I welcome you into my life within these blogs I post. All my love.


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